How to Evaluate Dentist

Should You Trust Your Dentist?

How to Evaluate DentistJust like other medical professionals, dentists spend a considerable amount of time studying and learning to become dentists. Some even choose to do residencies after they finish dental school. Just with any profession, you will find dentists with varying levels of expertise, though. Some dentists have made very little effort to seek advanced continuing education after graduation while others devote considerable time learning from the best in their industry.

How can you tell the difference?

The answer is simple- ask! Ask your dentist about their continuing education. What topics are he or she learning about? How often do they take classes? Ask questions to uncover if they are making a commitment to their education – and not just on tools.

How can you tell if your dentist is suggesting the right treatment for you? How can you tell if what you’re being told is necessary?

Dawson dentists are trained to first make a diagnosis before suggesting any sort of treatment. And then once the diagnosis is made, they are trained to created a 3D treatment plan to give you, the patient, predictable results. They are able to double check on the 3D models before anything is changed inside your mouth.

If you’re not sure about the treatment, ask what is the problem they have found and what are the ramifications left untreated.

Dawson dentists are also trained to use the WIDIOM rule, which stands for, “would I do it on me?” This rule means that the services they recommend are the same treatments that they would consider for themselves or suggest to a family member. So when in doubt if the treatment is right for you – ask your dentist, “would you do this on you?”

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