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More Than Just “Tooth” Dentists

Dawson dentists are not like most dentists, think of them more like "mechanics".

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What is a Dawson Dentist?

Dr. Peter Dawson
Dr. Peter Dawson

A Dawson dentist is one who has dedicated many hours of postgraduate education to learn how to care for patients at the highest ethical and professional level. A primary principle of Dawson dentistry is to do what is necessary to achieve long-term maintainable health and comfort as well as the creation and maintenance of a beautiful, natural smile. Dawson dentists are trained to use the WIDIOM rule which means” would I do it on me ?” this concept requires careful examination and treatment planning designed to help patients understand every problem so priorities of treatment can be put into proper perspective. read more »

Advantages of Complete Care

Our dentists are trained in an analysis of bite problems and related disorders of the TMJ's (jaw joints ). The goal is always a completely comfortable bite and a peaceful neuromuscular system. Dawson dentists solve problems of comfort or function above the level of usual and customary services.

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Cut Through the Clutter

Let’s face it, on the internet there is plenty of information about what ‘could be’ causing problems in your mouth. The problem is that you can’t believe everything you read. In an effort to cut through the confusion, we have gathered some articles for you to read because, quite frankly, we think everyone who sits in a dental chair should know this information.